A Happy Mom=A Good Mom

Now that I’ve officially hopped on the mom-blogging bandwagon, I find myself wondering, “What is so interesting about my life that I need to document it for the world?”  Honestly, I have no idea.  I’m a mom like most others, a mom of many hats, juggling this and that and eeking out moments of sanity in between.  When I fill these precious moments of silence writing at my computer, warm coffee in hand, I emerge much more clear-headed and relaxed. 

So I guess maybe I started this blog as a creative outlet, namely for selfish reasons.  But a happy mom is a good mom, right?  And if other women happen to find something helpful or amusing here, so much the better.  I’m definitely not an expert on motherhood, but the act of sharing experiences and commiserating can only do us good. 

 But don’t let the name of my blog fool you–Motherhood is only one of many subjects you’ll find here.  Yes, the last seven years of my life have been defined mostly by my children, which I wouldn’t trade for the world.  But I still have interests, hopes and future goals apart from that, which I hope to explore here.  

My 3-year-old daughter is wreaking havoc with the scissors, I can see my present moment of sanity has come to a close.    So, here’s to my first blog…Thanks for stoppin’ by!


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