Petco, Please.

So I took my daughter to the zoo today, kind of like a last hurrah before she starts Universal Pre-K in the fall.  This is officially the last week we’ll be home together, just she and I.  *sniff sniff*  I thought we were having a good time at the zoo.  She seemed appropriately captivated by the tigers, amused by the sea lions and enthralled with the monkeys.But once she caught a glimpse of the playground located smack-dab in the middle of the place, she could’ve cared if a herd of elephants were running past her.  The playground was by far the coolest thing about the zoo.  I watched her run back and forth between the slides and the tunnel a half-gazillion times.  When I explained that it was time to leave, it was all sour grapes from there.  On the way home she nonchalantly told me that the zoo was “kind of boring.”  I was a little put out by this statement.  She’s greatly in need of a nap, I figured. 

Tonight as I tucked her in, determined to figure out if she really meant what she said about our day at the zoo, I asked her:

“So where is more fun to visit, the pet shop or the zoo?”

She thought a second, then her face lit up. “Pet shop!”  Must be those darned hamsters.  They crack her up every time.

Well, there I have it.  I don’t need to spend money or drive 45 minutes out of my way to have a special day with my daughter.  I can just drive right down the street, to the local Petco.  Then hit the playground on the way home.  Huh.


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