The Lazy Girl’s Iced Coffee

If you’re like me, iced coffee is a daily must-have during the summer.  Quenching, invigorating, an instant pick-me-up.  By about 2pm one of these babies is calling my name. Here’s a simple yet delicious recipe for iced coffee that takes 2 minutes tops to make and, in my opinion, tastes as good as Starbucks.  Great for me, since 2 minutes is about the longest uninterrupted stretch of time I have.  Enjoy!

~Pour 1 single-serve packet of Taster’s Choice 100% Columbian Gourmet Instant Coffee into a 16 oz. glass or insulated tumbler. *Yes, it’s instant coffee, but with this stuff I cant even tell!  Not just any instant coffee will do.  It’s gotta be the gourmet kind.   

~Fill glass with about 6 oz. warm water.  Stir until dissolved.

~Pour in at least 1 tablespoon of your favorite flavored (liquid) creamer.  Add to taste, depending on how sweet you want it.

~Fill rest of glass with ice cubes and milk.  Stir.

That’s it!  Take a sip and say ahhhhhh.

*A tip* Use “coffee” ice cubes instead of regular ones to ensure your drink doesn’t become too watered down!


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