Staying On Track While On Vacation

running on beachI was vacationing last week.  Between visits to the beach, trashy summer-novel reading and hanging with the fam, I did okay fitness-wise, able to sneak a workout in most days.  Here are some ways I managed to swing this:

1.  Staying in a fitness-friendly resort.  Scenic, runner-friendly roads and paths abounded where we stayed, which made it easy to get up and out the door in the morning.  There was also a great fitness center there, which I used to strength-train twice.

2. Working out early in the morning, before hubby and the kids woke up.  A couple of mornings I slept in, and I’m glad I did, or I would’ve been a sleep-deprived grumpy momzilla the rest of the day.  But having some early-morning workouts allowed me get it done and out of the way first-thing, and to run before the heat got too unbearable.  I was finished in time to make breakfast for the kiddos.

3. Packing my own food.  With a full kitchen at our rental home, we ate breakfast there, packed a cooler for lunch at the beach, and barbequed our dinners.  Having meals planned avoided spontaneous stops for junk food and kept me full all day.  When we did eat out, I tried to be good, but allowed myself an occasional “cheat” food/drink.

4. Planning workouts ahead of time.  I laid out running clothes, ipod, water bottle, gels, everything–the night before so I had no excuses the next morning.  Also, I made a mental note ahead of time of what I wanted to accomplish during each workout so that I remained focused.

5. Coming equipped.  I brought a band and floor gliders, just in case.  These are great because they pack easily, are versatile and weigh almost nothing.  I used them once, creating a 30-minute circuit-type workout that included multi-joint strength training, plyometrics and cardio drills.

During my vacation I was able to fit some good workouts in and not stray too far from my normal diet.  But, I also didn’t stress about having a mojito or two…or enjoying the huge seafood buffet.  I didn’t aim to break any new fitness barriers during my vacation, just to maintain and enjoy my week off.  And that’s what I did.  Happy Summer, everyone.


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