Dog Days



It best sums up how Sophie (my dog and running buddy) and I feel today.  Yeah, I said it.  It’s okay to be lazy at times.  I’m not going to do one bit of exercise.  Aside from this blog post, I’m not going to think about fitness at all.  Today, it’s all about rest.

Rest is good, and resting when you need to benefits your body in the long run.  Depending on your fitness level and goals, it’s beneficial to have at least one rest day per week, to give your muscles much needed recovery time, and to avoid overtraining and burnout.  When it’s training time, train hard.  But when it’s rest day, rest well, and enjoy every minute of it.

With the dog days of summer behind us, many use this time of year to renew their fitness goals and get back on track.  That’s great!   Just don’t forget the importance of rest.  Schedule it into your fitness calendar.  Take a day and hang with the fam, finish your laundry, do those house projects you’ve been putting off….or watch Friends reruns and nap on the couch.  Really, it’s okay.


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