Don’t Be Duped By Food Labels


Are you trying to re-vamp your diet?  Next time you’re at the supermarket, read the labels!  Read the nutrition facts, paying special attention to sugar content, saturated fat, calories, sodium and fiber.  Read the ingredient list to find out what is actually in that package.  Find a long list of unpronouncable words?  Try looking for a less-processed alternative.

Think you’re label-savvy?  Here’s a test:  I’ve pictured three different brands of 100% whole-wheat sliced bread.  Judging by the amount of sugar, sodium, fiber, calories and fat in each, which would you choose first to make a sandwich?  Which would you choose last?

(I apologize for the camera blur)




Would you choose the last one (pictured directly above)?

Then you’d be consuming the most sugar, and the most sodium, by far, of the three.  Why?  Because the label lists one serving as one sliceOne little slice.  Sneaky, huh?  Now who can make a sandwich with that?  The other two brands list one serving as two slices.  So, you have to double all of the information when you compare this last brand to the two others.  This brand has six grams of sugar per two slices; The others have five and three.

So which brand would I choose?  The first choice.  It wins out against the others in four out of the five categories we’re discussing.

Maybe you’re a food label whiz, and you passed my test.  Bravo!

If not, don’t be discouraged.  Food manufacturers pull out all of the stops when it comes to tricking those trying to eat healthier.  Now you know–Don’t forget to check serving sizes, nutritional facts and the ingredient list.  Make it a habit, and you’ll  see and (feel) the difference before you know it.


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