Easy Recovery “Ice Cream”



I love making this “ice cream” after a vigorous workout.  It’s super easy, totally indulgent, and feeds my muscles with the right mix of protein and carbs I need to refuel and replenish.  Plus, I don’t have to toss those over-ripe bananas–I just peel and then throw them in the freezer for later.  I’ve seen many variations of this; Here’s how I do it:

Place 2 peeled, frozen bananas in the blender/food processor.

Add roughly 2/3 cup of plain Greek yogurt and roughly 1/4 cup low fat or almond milk.

If you wish, add a tablespoon of natural peanut butter, a handful of berries, or another healthy ingredient of your choice.

Add 1 scoop of your favorite whey or soy protein powder (optional).

Blend until smooth.  Serve immediately.

You’ll have some left over for the kids to try–Just give them their servings before adding the protein powder.


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