The No Running, No Jumping, High Intensity Workout

So you want to slim down, but an injury or medical condition is preventing you from doing plyometrics, running or jumping.  Don’t worry!  You can still get your heart rate up and melt off unwanted fat.  Try this home workout, performing the circuit 2-3 times (Resting 1-2 minutes in between), doing 12-18 reps unless otherwise stated.  Try to do each move as fast as you can, while still maintaining good form.  You’ll need weights and a towel, and if you have them, a kettlebell and medicine ball.


plank walkout

Plank Walk-Out

Begin in a standing position.  Bend at the waist, keeping your knees soft.  Walk out to a full plank position and hold for 1 second.  Walk back to standing.  You can also perform this move beginning and ending in a squatting position.   Do this move quickly but still maintaining good form.





Punch and/or kick for 1 minute.  Do any combination of kickboxing moves that you prefer, or just do simple alternating jabs.  You can use a punching bag and gloves, if you have them.  Perform the moves with intensity, going as quickly as you can and keeping your arms tight.



Squatting Rows

Pictured is a bent over row with dumbbells.  Do this, but also add a squat simultaneously as you lift the weights.  This increases the calorie burn.  Use the heaviest weights that you can while keeping good form.  Keep your back flat.




elbow donkey kick plank


Elbow Plank Donkey Kick

Get into a lower plank position and lift one leg in the air, bending the knee.  Extend your leg upward, and return to starting position.  Switch sides.




Dumbbell Arm Sweeps

Using light to medium weights, go into a static half-squatting position.  Alternately swing the weights front to back for 1 minute, maintaining control in the arms.










Sliding Plank

Place a folded towel or floor gliders on a smooth floor.  Get into a plank position, resting your feet on the towel/gliders.  Slide your knees up toward your arms, holding for one second, then return to starting position.







Kettlebell/Dumbbell Standing Figure 8’s

Grab a kettlebell, or one dumbbell by the end, in one hand, and go into a static, wide, half-squat position.  Hinging slightly at the waist and keeping your back straight, bring the weight in between your legs and grab it with the other hand.  Repeat on the other side, making a figure 8 motion around your legs.  Do this as quickly as you can, keeping your knees bent and maintaining good form for 1 minute.



Ball/Dumbbell Sitting Figure 8’s

  • Start sitting on the floor, knees bent, holding the ball or a light weight.  Lean back 45 degrees and then move the ball around the legs, making a figure 8.  Squeeze the stomach and breathe.  Do this as fast as you can for :30.






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