Eating Healthy At A Super Bowl Party–It Can Be Done!


Ah, the Super Bowl.  It ranks only behind Thanksgiving when it comes to calories consumed.  Complete with wings, burgers, pizzas, and dips, dips and more dips….It’s not the easiest event get through for someone who is trying to lose weight.  But, don’t despair.  It CAN be done.

~First, if you see any of these healthier options at your Super Bowl Party, go for them first to fill you up (instead of that gooey cheese dip):

guacamole (high in calories, so watch the portion)SONY DSC


fruits and veggies (of course)

pico de gallo (salsa)

Triscuits, (they are 100% whole wheat)

chili (esp. turkey or chicken chili)

turkey meatballs

bean dip (white bean, black bean)

popcorn (without heavy toppings)

homemade trail mix (watch the portion)

Limit tortilla chips to a small handful.

~Second, eat something before you arrive at a Super Bowl party.  You may think you need to save your calories for the party, but doing it that way will likely set you up for a bit of a binge.

~Bring your own healthier appetizer to share.  That ensures there will at least be ONE healthy option there.

~Don’t sit next to the food table.  Get a plate, eat it slowly, and don’t go near the food again until half time.

~Portion control, people!  If there’s something naughty that you really want to eat, have a little and really enjoy it.  Then move on.

~Limit alcohol.  It clouds your healthy-eating judgment.  Studies show that after a third drink, people are way more likely to abandon their healthy-eating goals.  Go for light beer and wine.  Stay away from sugary mixed drinks and ciders.  Bonus:  No hangovers at work on Monday!

Good Luck!


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