Feel Like Skipping Your Workout? Five Things To Tell Yourself.

motivation8I woke up to sub-zero temps this morning.  On days like this, sometimes the last thing I want to do is throw on my sports bra, jump into my freezing car and drive to the gym.  Or jump off my comfy couch and do burpees, for that matter.

We’ve all had that inner battle about working out, right?  Between being lazy or sticking to our schedule?  Well, instead of talking yourself out of your next workout, how about doing the opposite?  Next time you want to bail, tell yourself these 5 things…

1.  “I am going to feel AMAZING afterward, and for the rest of the day.”  Don’t focus how you feel now…Think about how you’ll feel AFTER your workout, and how it will affect the rest of your day.  That quote at the top of this article is soooo true.  When we miss scheduled workouts, we do regret it.  But when we exercise, it benefits us both physically and emotionally.  We have more energy, more optimism, we can think more clearly, and we’re all-around happier, more productive and more confident.

2.  “This is MY time to better myself, and I deserve it.”  Your workout time is a chance for you to be selfish, and to focus purely on YOU.  Schedule these precious moments into your calendar, keep them, and when you exercise, live completely in the moment.  Don’t focus on work, family obligations, future errands or what you’ll make for dinner–just you.  You can’t take care of others until you give yourself the attention you deserve.  Grow to crave and look forward to your regular “ME” time.  Make it an important part of your life.  It will reward you handsomely in the end!

3.  “Each time I do this, I inch closer and closer to my goal.”  We know that in health and fitness, consistency is key.  Day after day, each workout adds up.  The more you keep to your weekly workout schedule, the faster you’re going to lose weight, feel better, and fit better into your skinny jeans.  Take small steps each day, but think in terms of the big picture.  Keep your eye on the prize, and your mind on the reasons why you want to do this.  The real reasons.  Visualize yourself becoming stronger, more confident, and leaner with each new workout.

4. “I’ll just do a short, ___ minute workout.”  Two points here.  First, every minute counts.  So if you only muster up 10 minutes of workout time one day, it’s better then zero minutes.  And with all of the short, high-intensity workouts out there, you can find some pretty effective 10 minute workouts.  Secondly, it’s often the “getting there” that’s the biggest struggle.  Once we get to the gym and jump that mental hurdle, we may find that we are feeling pretty good, and end up going for 20, 30 or 40 minutes.  So tell yourself you’ll just do 10 or 20 minutes, and then see how you feel afterwards.  If you go longer, great.  If not, well, like I said…It’s better than nothing.

5.  “If I do this today, I’m going to reward myself by______.”  Yep.  Bribe yourself.   The only caveat: don’t do it with food.  Have that hot bubble bath.  Give yourself a manicure.  Read that novel that’s been collecting dust on your nightstand or watch that trashy reality show you secretly love.  Indulge yourself with a little more “me” time.  Set up a rewards system to get you off your butt.   You know yourself best.  Pick rewards that you’ll really love, and stick to the rules.  One of my favorites:  A “piggy” bank–Every time you don’t want to work out, but do anyway, put a set amount of money in a jar.  When when you’ve hit a fitness goal or filled the jar, spend the money on something you’ve pined for.  Works like a charm!



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