A super-quick homemade dinner for a crazy weekday night


Last night was one of those crazy week day nights.  Before I knew it, it was 5:30, and the family was starving.  I hadn’t planned anything to eat that night.  On this type of night, I grab whatever is on hand and make it work.  I use veggies that need to get eaten, and meat that has recently been, or can quickly be, thawed.  I usually have chicken breast on hand for last-minute, throw-together dinners.

With the weather still yucky, the oven is still one of my favorites for quick meals.  Roasting produce and meat brings out their flavors without a lot of added fat and calories.  So last night, I threw some broccoli florets on a baking sheet with olive oil, salt and pepper, and into the oven they went.  Then, I took some chicken breast tenders, rolled them in crushed almonds, and threw them in.  (Crushed corn flakes also work well for a healthy chicken coating.)  Add seasonings to taste.

Note: I used foil here to line the baking sheets, but I usually use parchment paper.  Your dishes will come out practically clean!


Here they are after a short time in the oven.  Dinner is finished!


To add a healthy carb, I sliced up an organic, 100% whole wheat bread loaf to go with it.

So…before your reach for that take-out menu, think about what you have on hand.  Often you can have an oven-roasted, homemade dinner in minutes, with minimal effort.

Veggies are delicious when roasted!  Here’s what I did another night with carrots and brussels sprouts, tossed in olive oil/salt/pepper.  SOOO easy!







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