Trainer’s Tip #10: Snack Smartly At Holiday Parties


Trainer’s Tip #10: Snack smartly at parties.

Tis the season for throwing healthy eating out the window at holiday parties.  But it doesn’t have to be that way!  Just be smart, and use moderation.  Here are a few tips:

~Eat something before you arrive.  You may think you need to save your calories for the party, but doing it that way will likely set you up for a bit of a binge.

~Bring your own healthier appetizer to share.  That ensures there will at least be ONE healthy option there.

~Don’t sit next to the food table.  Get a plate, move away, and eat slowly.

~Portion control, people!  If you’re drooling over the peppermint fudge, have one piece and really enjoy it.  Then move on.

~Limit alcohol.  It clouds your healthy-eating judgment.  Studies show that after a third drink, people are way more likely to abandon their healthy-eating goals.  Go for light beer and wine.  Stay away from sugary punches and mixed drinks.  Bonus:  No hangovers!

~Finally, opt for fresher choices that aren’t processed or fried.  One of the better choices? Shrimp cocktail!

Happy Holidays!


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