Trainer’s Tip #12: Use Apps To Hold Yourself Accountable



Trainer’s Tip #12:  Use a fitness app to help you hold yourself accountable.

Have you kept your New Year’s Resolution to finally get fit and healthy, or are you losing motivation?  If you’re slipping back into old habits, you’re not alone, but it’s not too late to turn it around!  Maybe you just haven’t found strategies that have work for you in adapting, then keeping, healthier habits.

I often recommend apps like myfitnesspal to clients.  Apps like this make it easier for people to keep their goals by a) allowing them to detect what foods/habits are sabotaging their weight-loss efforts, and finding healthier foods that are satisfying to them  b) allowing them to track their progress and accomplishments, which helps keep them motivated and holds them accountable c) allowing them to be part of a supportive online community of people, just like them.

Here are my experiences with myfitnesspal.  As a personal trainer, it taught me some invaluable tips: My Experience with myfitnesspal. Did it Work?

Good luck!






2 thoughts on “Trainer’s Tip #12: Use Apps To Hold Yourself Accountable

  1. ottoatm says:

    This does work for me – it helps me keep meals in perspective, especially when I go to a restaurant (love that newer feature). I only do it for like a month off and on because you can go a little overboard counting calories if your not careful, but I do use it consistently for about 2 years now.


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