Burn Mega Fat With A Stability Ball

Stability ball…Swiss ball…Yoga ball…That big round blue ball…

You can find it in every fitness center, and you can buy one for around $15-$20.  It’s become a fitness staple because of its versatility and low cost (Work your core by sitting on it while you watch TV!).  Your kids will love it too (Just don’t let them pop it!).

Do you have one, but aren’t sure what to do with it?  Check out some of my favorite stability-ball moves.  Do these as a circuit, 2-3 times.  Do 10-18 reps per exercise.  Click on each photo for a demonstration.

1. Pec Fly With Bridge


Bonus: Keep your glutes tight throughout these movements, lifting your butt off the ball so that your torso and thighs form a straight line (not demonstrated).

2. Ball Wall Squat With Bicep Curl


Bicep Curl is not demonstrated.  Perform each curl as you squat, extending your arms and legs simultaneously as you return to standing.

3. One-Legged Static Lunge with Lat Raise

single leg lunge

There is no demonstration with this photo.  Keep your front knee behind the toe and you bend it.  Bonus: Add a lat raise (not pictured), lifting your extended arms laterally to shoulder level as you bend your knee.  Perform on both legs.

4.  Push-Up


The closer the ball is to your feet, the harder the exercise.

5. Back Extension


5. Side Plank


This is great especially for those who find a regular side plank too challenging.  Hold in this position for 15-30 seconds, to start.

6. Dumbell Reverse Flys


Begin this exercise by placing your body balanced on the Swiss ball at your core with legs straight and toes on the floor.

7.  Wheelbarrow Walk


Keep your abs tight throughout this movement.

8. Swimming


9. Hamstring Curl


Begin this exercise by lying flat on your back with a Swiss ball under your heels. Place your arms straight out to your side for support.  Keep your feet flexed, digging your heels into the ball.  For more of a challenge, keep your butt off the floor.

10. Jack Knife


Demonstrations courtesy of SparkPeople.


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