Here’s the best time of day to work out…


Does it matter what time of day to work out?

When is The Best Time of Day For Exercise?  There are a couple of different answers to this.  Let’s start with what research says.

According to a study posted in the Journal of Physiology, afternoon exercise may yield the most health benefits because it best regulates your circadian rhythm, which leads to better sleep and a healthier you.

There is also some research to suggest that afternoon exercise (4 to 5pm) is most beneficial because that is when our body temperature is at its highest, as well as our hormone level, strength and endurance.

One reason I like to work out in the afternoon?  It keeps my metabolism revved into the evening.  This would also be true if you were to split your workout up and do half in the morning, half in the afternoon.  Not everyone has that time luxury, however.

That being said, research also points to morning exercisers as being most consistent and most likely to stick to their workout routines.  This also rings very true for me.  When I wake up early and work out before my kids are up, I feel more energetic and positive the rest of the day.  When I make it the first thing I do each day, it’s much less easy for me to put it on the back burner amidst the day’s other distractions.  This time of year, I naturally wake up an hour earlier–It’s like my body is looking forward to that early run and the “me” time goes with it–nothing but peacefulness, chirping birds and pink sunrises.

The best time to work out is the time that works for you and your schedule.  If you’re a morning person, you may be most apt to stick with exercise in the morning.  But if you’re a night owl, an evening workout may be work best.  (One thing to think about with late-night workouts–They may not be the best for your sleep.)

Do whatever makes you feel the best, and whatever you’re most likely to stick with in the long run.  As they say, the only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen.


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