cropped-sideplank11.jpg A healthy lifestyle takes balance–In your eating, your movement, your priorities, your outlook.  Once you achieve that equilibrium, everything clicks.

Easier said than done, right?  Getting there can seem overwhelming, especially if you’re a busy parent or professional.  But it doesn’t require a gym, fancy potions, trendy gimmicks or expensive memberships.  It Burn (1 of 1)-22takes determination, clear goals, the correct information, the right support, and most importantly…the confidence in knowing that you can do it, and you’re worth it.  I love witnessing people discover that strong, fit self they never knew was there, and I’d love to help you do the same.

Find out more about how in-home or online personal training can help you reach your goals by visiting my Fresh Start Challenge tab.  Use my website as a resource for fitness videos and workouts, as well as fitness & nutrition articles, tips, and inspiration.

Do you have workplace wellness program?  Check out my Corporate Fitness tab for more information on how I can help you get fit, right at your job.

Corporate Fitness

“This is the most fit I have ever been in my life and the best I have ever felt and I owe it all to you!…I have to tell you I did the Corporate Challenge…That is the fastest I have ever run, and my body felt great and my breathing was so much more manageable … Continue reading Corporate Fitness

About Me

Seven years ago, my daughter was one.  She was the baby girl I’d always wanted, and  I was elated. But my back and joints ached chronically. I had digestive issues.  I had sleep issues. I lived in the same two pairs of sweat pants. I did as little as possible and ate as much sugar as I … Continue reading About Me

Me & Motherhood

Hi!  I’m Jennifer Muscato- Personal Trainer, Writer and Mom.  On Motherhood… This is a fitness website, but you’ll see a post about my experiences with motherhood from time to time.  That’s because I work with a lot of mothers just like me–multi-faceted, doing the balancing act too.  We mothers need to commiserate and support each other!  … Continue reading Me & Motherhood

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