About Me

meCF1bSeven years ago, my daughter was one.  She was the baby girl I’d always wanted, and  I was elated.

But my back and joints ached chronically.

I had digestive issues.  I had sleep issues.

I lived in the same two pairs of sweat pants.

I did as little as possible and ate as much sugar as I wanted.

I adored my family, but hated the way I felt, the way I looked, the way I treated myself.  And I weighed more than I ever had in my life.

One day at the grocery store I spontaneously bought a workout DVD.  I popped it in later that day while my son was at school and my daughter was napping.  That first workout was a painful and humbling experience, but at least it happened alone, in the comfort of my own living room.  And if I wanted to exercise, it was practically my only option.  I had no gym membership, no child care, no fancy home equipment.

So I continued the home DVD torture sessions every day during nap time.  And eventually they got easier.  And I worked on my eating, too, the most obvious changes including cutting out desserts, white carbs and oversized portions.  And four months later, I had lost 40 pounds.  My health issues were gone, I felt like a new person, and I was sizes smaller than even my pre-mom days.

I’m not going to pretend this experience was easy.  In reality, it took tons of willpower, patience, and prioritizing.  I screwed up plenty.  And everyone needs to find what works for them individually.  But the point is, it IS possible.  You don’t need a gym, just some time, commitment and the right information.  And, most importantly, the knowledge that your health is worth it.  You’re worth it, and you owe it to yourself, your kids and everyone who loves you to be the person you were put on this earth to be.

As an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and fitness instructor, I love being there to watch people, especially women and moms, discover that strong, fit self they never knew was there.  And I love sharing what I know so that women can apply it to their own lives and families.

When it comes to fitness, there’s a ton of bad information floating around out there–from people looking to make a quick buck, to common misconceptions, to outdated information, to the latest fad diet.  My hope is that I can cut through some of that.  My articles will be based on my first-hand experience, my professional opinion, facts, the latest scientific research, and within my scope of expertise….They do not replace your medical doctor’s care.  If you have any questions about the information in my posts, or about fitness in general, I would love to answer them.  Please check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

There’s no secret to getting healthy and losing weight.  To get, and stay, fit and healthy, I changed my lifestyle.  This doesn’t mean that I eat celery sticks and tofu all day and never indulge, quite the contrary.  A healthy lifestyle requires balance.  Once you achieve that equilibrium, everything clicks.  And… your kids have an awesome role model to learn from.  Here’s to strong, healthy moms everywhere.  And to finding the one inside of you. 🙂


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